Dear Protagonist Who When It Comes Right Down to It I’ve Been Through An Awful Lot With,

You know, this place feels sort of empty without you.

No, no, I know you’ll be back. It’s not like you’re moving out for good yet. You’re just spending some time with a few critiquers–it’s sort of like the character equivalent of summer camp. I bet they let you stay up late and eat chocolate and set things on fire all you want.

Not that I’d know. I’m being good, see. I haven’t opened any of your files. I haven’t called just to see if you’re okay. I know how these things are–the revisions will go better, if I stay away for a little bit. And it’s not like you’re not grown-up enough these days to be on your own, for a little while at least.

Besides, I have things to do. I’ve put off a lot on account of you, and it’s about time I started catching up. I know how summer camp is. You’ll be back before I know it. The truth is, you probably won’t be gone nearly long enough.

Only, you know, this place does feel sort of empty without you.


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