Ten links trigger a post

(ETA: Just fixed the first broken link–sorry about that!)

Or maybe it’s procrastination that does that, it’s hard to tell. At any rate, I’m somewhere in fourth draft land, and so more about the links than the content this month. Am hopeful of having more brain when the temperatures drop and autumn sets in, but we’re not there yet. 🙂

Haunting images of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo overrun by nature. I imagine the cities in Bones of Faerie looking much like this, after the war with Faerie, only perhaps with fewer buildings still standing. (Via lnhammer)

On the thin line between this side and that side of a dream. (sarazarr)

Sherwood Smith/sartorias‘s A Stranger to Command, prequel to her Crown Duel is now out, yay!

How to change the world in five steps. (makinglight)

Turning life into fiction. Especially: Use emotions, not necessarily events. (revisionnotes)

Five Ways That Another Author’s Career Can Sideline Yours. Starting with: Don’t compare yourself to other authors. Every career, no matter if same agent, same editor, or same house, is unique. Comparison derails you with jealousy and can be toxic in a variety of ways. (pubrants)

Why we love authors who treat us bad. (m-stiefvater)

Wise words about Twilight as many girls’ first thick book, and what the effects of such really are and aren’t likely to be. (fairmer)

The four Cs of the writer’s contract with the reader. (dpeterfreund)

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