Medieval literature fanfic for the win, but the linky comes in a strong second

livelongnmarry has raised $30,000 so far, and they’re nowhere near done counting. The world is a pretty cool place, sometimes.

palomapus has won our holiday cards (hey, how about I take you to lunch instead of mailing them? :-)), and heeroluva has won my desert foods care package, which I’m looking forward to starting to assemble this weekend.

And me, when I found out sister_coyote was willing to write medieval literature fanfiction, of course I bid and asked for Njál’s Saga fic. Because I’m a geek that way. 🙂 She’ll be writing a Mabinogion fic for rymenhild, as well. I’m also looking forward to revisiting my tired old business cards, too, thanks to synergic‘s generous offer of graphic design services.

It’s been fun!

Meanwhile, some semi-random linkiness:

freerngekidfeed on the virtues of getting lost, and how we’re denying our kids their right to same.

madrobins on hearing the song of a story-in-progress.

Via jmprince, Writing a novel, a love story

halseanderson‘s cold hard facts about the writing life are a lot less cold and hard than that makes them sound–really more like kind grounded sensible facts about the writing life.

Via my most reliable source of all things way-too-cute, a couple of polar bear pictures.

ETA: Via movingfinger, the periodic table of videos.

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