The creative process in action

Tomorrow is the last day for livelongnmarry, and the offers showing up right until the last minute continue to amaze and delight me. The outpouring of creativity there is fabulous, and each new idea seems to set of a stream of riffs on same, just like with any creative process. My current favorites (this keeps changing) are the community-created rainbow afghans, with various community knitters and crocheters each contributing a square or three. There are notebooks of all sizes decorated in all ways; offers of all manner of correspondence; research help in a wide range of areas of expertise; jewelry of all sorts. Someone put their friendship up for bid; not to be undone, someone else offered to sell their soul, complete with a certificate of authenticity. When a spate of care packages showed up, each focused around a different theme or corner of the world, I threw a desert foods package into the mix.

I’ll be almost sorry when it ends, except that then all those bids will turn into funds that will be making their way out to where they can do some real good. Bidding ends just after midnight tomorrow (Monday) night.

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