Everyone should spend a day hanging with the polar bears and feeding the giraffes once in a while

yanewyork on why YA is taking off now, and on how today’s YA is different from 1980s YA.

Why do we need dice? I don’t need them to play make-believe! … You just roll dice because you can’t think of anything good to make up! (The best thing about Darth and the Droids is how it shows that Jar Jar is the only Phantom Menance character who truly makes sense.)

Sometimes our community rocks, part 1.

Sometimes our community rocks, part 2.

lnhammer has lured me into the black hole that is TV Tropes. Which points out all manner of useful truths about storytelling, including how like most weapons, a love story can be deadly in the wrong hands, not to mention the dangers of wasting a perfectly good plot.

And if I’m not on as much as usual, it’ll because I’m off revising the RetGone portion of my novel.

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