Things offered

I was going to post this morning about how lnhammer has offered up an original bad poem for livelongnmarry, but by the time we woke up, said poem had long since sold. 🙂 We do still have our jointly designed holiday cards available–though I can’t objectively speak to the goodness or badness of the poems and stories contained therein.

I also woke up to find out the custom My Little Pony was long gone, but there are still numerous bits of coolness contained therein–everything from Mayan lessons to a custom historical doll costume to critiques by professional writers to Princess Tutu action figures. Really, it’s best to just go in and browse and see what’s there.

The coolest thing about this has been watching person after person say, “Okay, here’s this thing I can do, that I’m offering up to the world.” There’s something very wonderful about that, on top of the already-wonderfulness of raising money for a worthy cause.

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