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Stephen Colbert takes Cookie Monster to task for abandoning his role as a cookie advocate. Because Cookie Monsters can live on cookies alone–and some of us have never forgiven Cookie for betraying us. (via lnhammer)

But lest we think sugar-positive messages have left TV entirely: Hey kids! Candy is bad for you. Eat cake instead!

stephanieburgis on how the story the writer writes really isn’t always the story the reader reads.

reykjavikharbor on the cats of Iceland.

The How to Survive in 1000 A.D. song. (via lnhammer)

redcrowkater on Rescuing Our Boys: Why There Are Fewer Men Than Ever in the Humanities Fields, and What We Can Do to Change It.. Because if the Onion doesn’t write is, someone has to.

My people finally have our own official Jewish Scottish tartan. Which already has an official website. (via telophase)

If cooks talked about cookbooks the way gamers talk about gaming manuals. (via telophase)

We’ve been rewatching old Voyagers! episodes, which reminds me that for years I’ve wanted my own Omni. But at these prices, that Omni had better actually be able move through time.

And in conclusion: Bing bang digga rigga dong!

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