Some of those misc items rock

There are some amazing things showing up in the livelongnmarry auction, which is already up to more than 100 items. Some of my favorites so far:

Custom doll outfit designed for a Western historical period of your choice
Fairy tale pendant
Original music composition
Princess Tutu action figures
Hand-dyed yarn
Knitted plot bunny of doom
Rune casting
Chocolate chip cookies
Care package
Cross-stitched wedding sampler
An epithalamion
Hand-knit lace shawl
Website design and hosting
Graphic design for any one project
Mayan lessons
Custom animal ear hat
Custom My Little Pony
Your fictional death in an original short story

If you’re a maker of things or teller of tales there’s still time to offer something of yours up, too. And starting July 1, anyone can help out by bidding on the items offered.

It’s all for a good cause–helping to support marriage equality (and defeat the November ballot measure opposed to same) in California.

lnhammer and I have offered up a collection of the original holiday cards we’ve been designing for family and friends the past ten years. (ETA: lnhammer is also offering bad poetry.)

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