Dry heat, dry wind

So there’s a point in the dry desert where the heat is perfect. Where the hot air caresses your arms, and the slight wind evaporates the sweat from the back of your neck, and all feels right with the world.

A few degrees hotter, and the sense of well-being goes away, and it’s simply hot-too-hot. But right before then, the heat is like an old friend, and it feels good to soak in that familiar warmth.

Of course, this time of year, if you want the good sort of desert heat, you have to get out and walk before about 9:30 (arguably earlier), but hey. 🙂

Meanwhile, azang and I are having our seasonal discussion of cold things that make summer better. FlaVorIce and strawberry popsicles from Trader Joe’s for me; half frozen Capri Suns and lemon berry slushes from the Sonic drive through for her.

What’s your favorite over-sugared, under-nutritioned icily-frozen foodlike summer substance?

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