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Both an earthquake and a polar bear have showed up in Iceland this past week. The last major earthquake was eight years ago, the last polar bear sighting fifteen.

I actually have some sympathy for the decision to shoot the bear: there was fog, there were people living nearby, there were–by some accounts at least–no bear-strength sedatives readily available, and, well, polar bears are the among the few predators that really do see humans as prey.

Sarah Beth Durst on the not-so-obscure tale of Little Red Riding Hood: Eventually, Little Red arrives at Grandma’s house. She sees the wolf in Grandma’s clothes and says, “Ah-ha, imposter! Have at thee!” And she draws her sword and … Fine, fine, that totally doesn’t happen in, like, any version of this story. But wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?

Mathematical word problems not much use in the real world after all?

Women not interested in science? It may on depend how you define science. But there are other flaws in those arguments, too.

There are lots and lots of posts on writerly etiquette and things writers should never do online. Here’s a post on things editors should never do online. Essentially, the principles apply as for writers, that is: don’t forget you’re talking in a very public place, and don’t forget that not everything should be talked about in public.

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