None of these things is quite like the others

Billy Collins wrote the best poem about critique groups and workshops ever–I reread it regularly.

kateelliott says dogmatic things about writing I can actually get behind. 🙂

shanna-s on finding a legitimate agent.

Cute fuzzy and not-so-fuzzy animals at the Reykjavík zoo. Just because.

In Britain, home libraries are more popular than home theaters. Why do I suspect the same isn’t true here in the States?

On the problem of Men Who Explain Things. I’d not articulated it quite as well as this writer had, but yeah. That. How many women haven’t been on the receiving end of this sort of conversation?

One more reason books matter: a girl reports the molestation of herself and her siblings after reading a book about it. (Via slwhitman.)

Summary of episodes of Woops!, a short-lived post-apocalytpic comedy on Fox. The only real question may be, just how early did this “post-apocalyptic Gilligan’s Island” jump the shark?

Revising the number of missing children downwards: According to the Justice Department, there are only about 115 such incidents each year. (Via kate_nepveu.)

Related to the above: Why I let my 9-year-old ride the subway alone. (Via lnhammer.) (ETA: The author of the article has also started a blog, Free Range Kids.)

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