Distances traveled

I didn’t quite manage to time this for race day, but today I’ve reached Lothlórien, fourteen months after I started on the Eowyn Challenge.

The Eowyn Challenge, for those who haven’t met it, is a fun way to encourage oneself to walk, bike, run, or pretty much get moving in any way at all–basically, you track the miles you go against the miles followed by the characters in the Lord of the Rings. So far, I’ve walked, run, biked, swum, and occasionally aerobic-ed and yardwork-ed 920 miles since setting out from Bag End.

There are some tools for tracking your progress on the web site, or you can join me–and jamiam and telophase–over in either jannimetrics or your own journal, too. (If you do start tracking the challenge in your own journal or another, let me know, and I’ll make sure my metrics journal friends you!)

Speaking of running, the results have turned up after all. I’d pretty much gotten my sense of perspective in place and know that the point was simply finishing now, but still, it is nice to know. 🙂

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