Today’s 3.1 miles

Ran in my second 5K race today, the local Komen Race for the Cure. I’d post my time, only my results are inexplicably missing from the results web site. I think I made my goal of finishing this one in around 39 minutes–thus squeaking in just under 40 minutes instead of just over–but I may never have an official time for sure. (Maybe someone in an office Monday will find the chip with my results on it? No one being around on a Sunday afternoon to look into such things.)

Ran this one in spite of allergy season, and it was actually a harder race for me than my first 5K, so I’m finding the thought of never knowing my results pretty disenheartening, actually, even though I keep telling myself all that matters is that I know I was there, and that I ran.

I’d also post pictures, but the camera failed to take those properly, too. But in spite of the universe’s determination to make it look like I didn’t run this race, I really, truly did! (lnhammer and palomapus were there. They can vouch for me!)

I do have the slip of paper I wore pinned to my back, though, with my mother, aunt, and grandmother’s names on it, breast cancer survivors all.

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