Three writers and some penguins

Best penguin nature documentary ever. (Via sartorias and stephanieburgis)

cindachima‘s love note to librarians.

jennifer_j_s on one of the many ways in which you must not be afraid to make a fool of yourself if you want to write for children.

cynleitchsmith interviews Susan Beth Pfeffer. Some quotable bits:

… I hadn’t realized I’d written speculative fiction (or sci fi for that matter) until people started writing about Life As We Knew It. I just thought of it as a problem novel with a very big problem.


My career has always gone like that, smooth and easy and then tough and nasty, followed by smooth and easy. I would assume most freelancers have something of the same career history …

… careers change, good times turn bad and bad times turn good. So when the times are good, maybe it might be wise Not To Spend All That Money! And when the times are bad, just hold on, do what you can, and expect changes to come. Because somehow or another, they always do.

It’s always valuable to me when folks talk about the ups and downs of building a career. Sometimes I think we don’t talk about that part enough, at least not in public. If we’re in this for the long term, chances are there’ll be some ebb and flow, and that’s normal. It’s so easy to forget that, though, especially during ebb times.

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