More on drafting

I didn’t want to step away from this draft when it was done. I wanted to just go back to page 1 and start the third draft of TE right away. I know well enough how much work I still have to do, after all. I didn’t want to waste any more time.

But I made myself step away. “A week,” I told myself. “At the least, you have to take a week off. Find other stories to work on in the meantime.”

So I did. And late last night, it began happening.

Things began going clickety click.

Oh, if I add this at the beginning, we’ll have a sense of overarching tension.

Oh, if I let this happen here, I can get rid of these tedious chapters in which the characters talk and talk, trying to figure out how to make that thing happen.

Maybe somehow I can explain this back here …

Maybe I can move that there …

Maybe I no longer need this after all …

Right. If I keep up this not-writing a bit longer, I might actually get some serious work done. 🙂

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