Time travelers and giant starfish …

… but not necessarily in that order.

Giant starfish discovered in Antarctica. (Seriously. How often do you get to use that header?)

rosefox on the narrowing gulf between YA and adult fiction.

Congratulations to sarah_ann_g on publication of her first short story in Strange Stories of Sand and Sea.

Article debunking the notion that the Prius and other hybrid cars actually harm the environment more than other cars. (Via kate_nepveu.)

Speaking of the environment, a campaign to think outside the water bottle.

saraharonson discusses sex in YA novels, and asks readers about their “first times” reading about sex. (Via cynleitichsmith.)

helenhemphill discusses violence in YA. (Also via cynleitichsmith.)

And finally, a report from the International Association of Time Travelers: Members’ Forum. Because of course time travelers have their own forums. (Via lnhammer.)

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