A rare television-related post

So we’ve been watching the new Doctor Who on DVD, and loving it. (Especially Martha. Martha rocks.) But there is something I find myself wondering about:

Why does every alien race in existence want to take over the earth? Seriously. Aren’t there any aliens out there who have other priorities? Where are the aliens who are on earth only because they want to see the northern lights on 100 different worlds, or because we’re known for making the best grilled cheese sandwiches anywhere, or because what with the new advances in wormhole technology buying a retirement home on earth has never been cheaper?

Just wondering. Because taking over the world seems one of the less interesting reasons to visit this rock, actually.

(Speaking of television: mmegaera, we’re halfway through the Branagh Shackleton and wow, they’re doing a nice job with it. Good stuff, and it makes the polar exploration junkie in me very happy. And Branagh is nice on the eyes–and doing a great job in the role–too.)

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