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From the Girls Horse Club, Horses: My One Safe Place. Something about this essay reminded me of what it felt like to retreat to my own childhood escape places–to my own magical horse (imaginary, in my case), my notebooks, my private corner of the basement, and especially my stories.

Horses won’t tell my secrets, won’t yell at me, and obviously can’t ground me. I feel safe and taken care of with them. I know I can trust them. Horses are my safe haven. I know that they understand.

Speaking of the Girls Horse Club, my perfect horse is Silver Cloud Dancer. (Only shows up if you allow popups.) Who’s yours?

darcypattison suggests ten things to do while waiting for a response to a requested revision.

jillsbooks on how to impress an editor. (Via cynsations.)

From azang, My Muse Runs With Scissors and other products for your muse and your writing.

Best student study guide question ever, for the sequel to Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It:

How do characters change or learn throughout the dead and the gone? What events caused these changes? Have you or someone you know experienced the same thing?

Because somewhere out there there’s a kid whose world has been changed forever by an asteroid hitting the moon, and we want to reach that kid.

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