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Dear Secondary Character Who Isn’t Supposed to Exist,

Who are you and where have you taken my protagonist?

I don’t suppose you’d care to help me get her back again? Seeing as how this is all your fault?

No, it’s entirely up to you, of course. Just keep in mind that this is an extremely rough draft. And that everything changes in rewrite. And that in a few months you just might cease exist.

I’m just saying.


Dear Tertiary Character Who Is Supposed to Exist, But Not in this Story,

There are no wolves in this book.

No, I don’t care whose wolf you are. No, I don’t care that unlike the character I spoke to last week, you have no desire to be human. No, I don’t care that you have a thousand years of religion and mythology backing you up. Just no.

Okay, maybe. But no shapeshifting. And the moment you forget you’re a minor character, you’re out of here.

No matter what gods you have looking after you.


Dear Main Character On Whom Everything Depends,

Please do something.


You don’t want to leave these guys in charge, do you?

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