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Jane Yolen says some lovely things about Bones of Faerie in her blog (back on February 26). 🙂

From djaddasaga, snow-covered waterfalls and lava fields.

From icelandeyes, another evocative Iceland winter photo.

mswagner on Lifehacker’s 11 tips for getting things done.

Via makinglight, Videofilk of the llama song! (And if you don’t call it videofilk, what do you call it?)

Via gwendabond, a fascinating article on Kids and lying.

Also fascinating, discussion on Roger Sutton’s Horn Book Blog about whether children’s and YA books (or any books) are sufficient fare for grownups.

darcypattison on why she believes in simultaneous submissions. (I used to believe pretty strong in submitting singly myself, but these days I believe just as strongly in targeted simultaneous submissions–all while making sure the editors in question know you’re simulsubbing, of course.)

Via cynleitichsmith, liz-scanlon talks about dealing with professional jealousy as a writer. Applies to other sorts of professional jealousy as well, I think.

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