What do they do with all that saved time, anyway?

Daylight Saving Time saves, well, nothing.

And in fact, energy costs go up, on account of all that extra AC use.

Which I suspect Arizonans could have told you back in 1968, when we opted out of the whole business because, well, the Arizona summer nights are lovely–but only once the sun goes down so that you can actually get to the night part.

Daylight savings time also means I can’t call my relatives in the evening, or do any business with the east coast much into the afternoon, but I suspect all the states who decoded to keep it weren’t quite thinking of that aspect of it, somehow. 🙂


Off to catsit some kittens and then write. Some days it feels like I’m telling my characters, “You just talk among yourselves until I figure this story out.”

And they do, they talk and talk and talk, not caring that all their lovely chatter will be gone in another draft or three. 🙂

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