Three unrelated thoughts

A snarky thought: I’m getting tired of hearing books described as Famous Book or TV Series One meets Famous Book or TV Series Two. Speaking entirely as a reader, I want to know what your book is about. If it isn’t about anything beyond its similarity to other things, why should I read it?

A startled thought: In going through old notes, I discovered that the protagonist of Bones, who is now named Liza, used to be named Danielle. Danielle? A fine name for another story, but not for this one. And one of the secondary characters was named Mark. A story about Danielle and Mark is a very different thing from a story about Liza and Matthew. Not better, not worse, but definitely different. (And different, too, from the intermediary stage I do remember, when it was a story about Steele and Marcus.)

A sedentary thought: Haven’t run all of last week on account of almost-but-not-quite having a cold, and thus almost-but-not-quite having the energy for running. Did manage to walk most days, though, which is something. (Enough to get me to Moria, at any rate.) These days, if I don’t get some sort of physical activity more often than not, I get seriously twitchy. This wasn’t true five years ago. It’s something I want to hang onto.

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