Because all knowledge is contained somewhere in livejournal

And because I’m down to the last few copyediting questions:

1. Anyone here have lifeguard training? Is it, as one would imagine, possible to rescue someone unconscious from drowning by grabbing them under the armpits and swimming for shore? (All the research I’m going helpfully tells me to use a stick or rope if they’re conscious, to go out by boat if they’re not, and always to call 911. But we have no sticks, ropes, or consciousness, and my protagonist neglected to pack a boat for her journey, and 911 doesn’t work nearly so well since the end of the world.)

2. Anyone have pottery experience? What do you picture when I say something “stretched like clay on the wheel”? Does saying that even make any sense? Does clay really stretch much on the wheel? (I think it kind of does, but I’ve only tried to throw a pot once.) Does “stretched like clay in a potter’s hands” or some such make any more sense to you?

Many thanks!

ETA: That took all of about a half hour–many, many thanks to you all!

Now, off to copy this puppy and get it back into the mail. 🙂

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