Did you know red pencil is harder to erase than gray pencil?

Copyedits proceed. The copyeditor has some good notes there, and some excellent catches. And I see that she’s onto me and my habit of repeating myself, too. (On the other hand, she likes semicolons too, and has added a few of her own, yay!)

Going through copyedits is rather like putting your book under a magnifying glass, though. Somehow I forget this each time, until they arrive. But suddenly all the small flaws jump out at you, and seem large, and it becomes hard to see the book clearly as a whole.

I’ll take it on faith that the whole still holds together, though–just as I have every other time–and resist the urge to seize hold of the manuscript and rewrite it from the ground up.

Because at this stage of the process, that would be bad. 🙂 Also because I’d like to maintain the illusion that I’m of the sane species of writer.

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