Most of these things are not like the others

Via sartorias, agent nephele on what she’s looking for and why books get rejected.

This process is hard. I get that. It’s frustrating and soul destroying and can make you miserable. And my honest advice is, if you can’t handle it with grace and just pick up and move to the next submission or write your next book, if you can’t just keep your eye on your goals and enjoy the process of storytelling in the meantime, then get out of this business. Because there are always going to be many, many more talented writers than there are places for their books.

Via lnhammer and tvtropes: Beware of Death by Newbery Medal.

Speaking of death and young adult fiction, rachelmanija has been hosting the YA agony awards! In which she asks readers to vote for the most agonizing of many depressing YA storylines (note–voting has already closed on all but the final round):

Round OneRound TwoRound ThreeSemi-Finalists
And the Winner Is … (Hint: It’s not the one where the dog dies.)

Via several places on my reading list: white stag spotted in Scotland.

Via klwilliams, xkcd weighs in on girls and boys and math.

And via sartorias again, the elves defend themselves against questions we mortals blithely toss about on con panels. I especially like Maglor’s response to the notion that elves are excessively cool/prone to showing off:

Shall we then hide our powers of hand and mind, lest others measure themselves against us? Shall the Ent cut off his legs, that the Dwarf may not feel his lack of stature? Shall the harper break his fingers, that the one who cannot play may not feel his want of skill? It would be a strange forbearance.

Besides, none of your kindred for many ages have known the Eldar in the flesh — or if they did, we took care that they should not know it. Few of us remain, and we are a secret people. If some Men tell tales of the Eldar that are gone, and other Men hear the tales and feel diminished, is that then the fault of the Eldar?

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