Entering prophecy airspace

I’m still going through my Iceland notebooks and pulling trip reports together (more than a half year after my visit–I know!), and I stumbled upon this phrase:

“Entering prophecy airspace.”

This makes me laugh. 🙂

But when you have a character whose magic is attached to the land (as more and more, I find myself thinking all magic must be, one way or another), you have to (okay, I have to) ask yourself just where that land begins. Is it enough to come within sight of it? Or does the character have to set foot on that ground first?

When I fly into Tucson, I feel a certain pull when I can see the mountains and the desert floor through the airplane window. That pull grows stronger when we touch down–and even stronger when I deplane, gather my luggage, and take my first breath of desert air.

I was wondering about a character with prophetic dreams when I was in Iceland (and still am wondering about her) … but looking at my notes now, I also wonder where magic’s airspace in general begins.

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