Odds and ends

I’m reading a book in which, roughly 20,000 words in, the protagonist has not yet actually done a single thing–except to spend those words whining about his life and the unfairness of same.

It’s a good thing this is an adult book, because if it were a middle grade novel, the story would be nearly done by now. 🙂


lnhammer pointed out that Vienna Teng’s “My Medea” could be on the TE playlist. He has a point–there are pieces of that song’s tone and content both that are eerily appropriate, for elements of the story I’m trying to tell. Though whether they’ll come through in the actual writing–who knows? But either way, it’s a wondrously dark and creepy song.

Apparently, it’s also a song that can be fan dubbed to pretty much every dysfunctional fictional relationship out there. Here are videos that sync the song to clips from:

Firefly/Serenity (I don’t know that I quite buy it as a soundtrack for River and Simon’s relationship, but I do see the point, and it is well synced, at any rate.)
Fruits Basket (Makes me think maybe I should continue watching that manga after all.)
Labyrinth (Points for the most literal fit between lyrics and images.)

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