The links, they pile up

jennifer_j_s‘s Close Encounters of a Third World Kind has been nominated for Connecticut’s Nutmeg Award, yaaay!

halseanderson just threw out the last third of her novel. It’s always heartening to me to be reminded that other writers also change vast swathes of the story in rewrite, and have characters who decide to take different paths than originally intended.

Nancy Ethchemendy on writers and depression. (Via cynleitichsmith.)

More from rosefox on negative reviews.

lauramanivong on how in writing as in art, if the brush strokes get in the way of the subject matter, the painting loses some meaning.

darcypattison on the many shapes a writing career can take.

An article on World War II studies about the effects of starvation. Where starvation is defined as eating 1600 calories a day–more than many weight loss diets now prescribe. Some pretty strong and striking evidence here that dieting simply isn’t good for us. (Via fjm.)

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