By which you can tell I’ve been working on the book since Kindling Words

Dear Twice-Mentioned Character Who Never Appears on Stage and Isn’t Really a Character at All,

No. No no no no no.

Absolutely not.

That is all.



Dear Tertiary Character Whose Role in the Story I Long Ago Accepted,

You may be a creep, but you’re not that much of a creep, or at least not in that particular way. I’m sorry. I should have realized.

I’ll rewrite it.

I promise.



That last would be why I spent a full day writing a scene only to realize it was the wrong scene. I’d already decided it was the wrong scene once before, but apparently I’d forgotten, or changed my mind, and rewrote it.

Wrote a new, completely different scene the next day. Liked it much better. Yet again, it turns out I need to write the wrong scene to get to the right one.

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