These fragments I have shored against my ruins

(Also known as Five Fragments Make a Post.)

Fragment 1 — Me to lnhammer: “Right. So I’ve basically written a book about learning to trust your magic and those around you even though you never really know what’s going to happen. Now why on earth would I need to write a book like that?” (cue hollow laughter.)

Fragment 2 — Overheard at the local coffeeshop: “And you know, when your partner isn’t supporting you–what he was doing, it was like the opposite of support.”

Fragment 3A lego-people Laxdæla! (To go with the lego-people Njála.) I especially like the break to live action for the saga’s most dramatic moment.

Fragment 4 — Overheard at the other local coffeeshop: “It’s a girls night out for work, but there are only three of us, because we don’t like anyone else there.”

Fragment 5Viking Barbie. Also known as the how-many-historical-inaccuracies-can-you-find Barbie.

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