The links, they pile up

In honor of tomorrow’s Newbery announcement: davidlubar‘s award-season service for writers.

kateelliott on those moments when you realize you have to go back and rework the story: It’s not about efficiency or expediency. It’s about getting it right.”

From susanwrites: Shrinking Violet Promotions: Marketing for Introverts

Lots of folks on my friends list have already linked to rosefox‘s excellent series on the business of writing and editing book reviews. I especially like that she defends the fact that all review need not be positive. I often hear writers wondering why anyone would take the time to give negative reviews, save out of meanness–but I think there are other reasons not all reviews should be positive, too, and it’s good to hear someone being articulate about the fact.

haikujaguar on being physically active in general and fencing in particular: This is a fierceness of joy I wish I’d known about as a teenage girl, when I misspent my youth’s most resilient years hiding in dark libraries, thinking that flesh was a cage I had to rise above in order to reach more spiritual aims. How I wish I could go back and tell myself that you can’t rise above your body by ignoring it.

And to kris_reisz‘s post to fangs_fur_fey I can only say: Oh, good, it’s not just me.

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