It’s a small fandom, but a loyal one

When in a fit of procrastination one searches YouTube for Njál’s Saga videos one finds … amusing … things.

Saga geekery follows.

Gunnar defends his dorm room. Complete with an updated singing halberd.

Hallgerður buffs her nails as Gunnar dies. A high-school production. Includes Hallgerður and Bergþóra’s always-entertaining who-can-kill-more-servants contest.

The lego-people version of the burning of Njáll. Alas, the clip ends before the half-melted Kári lego can take vengeance.

Claymation Njála. There’s Njal at the end, (silently) saying, “There’ll be nothing but trouble if that woman comes to the south.”

The clip that came up the most often of all in my Njála searches.

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