Back to work

Dear the One Character in This Book Who Has Some Historical Basis,

You are creepy, you know that? If I had any sense, I wouldn’t mess with you at all.

But of course, I don’t have any sense, so we’re good.

Cheerfully (for now),



Dear Secondary Character Who Wasn’t Supposed to Exist,

Yes, yes, you have a historical basis, too, of course.

No, no, I don’t want to mess with you either.




Dear Primary Character Who I Heartlessly Abandoned Last Autumn,

So, how you been? I see you have a (subtly) new voice now.

No, no, I like it. It’s–you. Very you.

Yeah, I’ve missed you, too.

Ready to get back to work?

Me, too.



P.S. No, of course there aren’t any other primary characters in my life! Whatever gave you that idea?

P.P.S. And even if there were, I could never love them more than you.

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