New year, old ideas

I keep a card file filled with story ideas, and as I sort of year-end ritual, I go through the file and pull out the stories I’m unlikely to ever write. Not that, given how many cards are in the box, I’m ever going to write all the story ideas I’m keeping, either–I’m pretty conservative about hanging onto these things. There are some cards in that box that I’ve had a decade or more now.

But here are some stories I know I’m not going to write–tossed out here in case they spark something for someone else who might like to write them, instead. 🙂

– The 500-year curse of Chief Manhattan (no wonder he sold that island to the Dutch so cheap)
– Night of the Living Boogers
– Yes, No, Maybe So
– Giraffe Journey: a picture book about the giraffe gifted from Egypt to France (who walked the whole way?)
– Sick Day: a quiet, comforting picture book
– A horse named Sabino
– Time travel reality TV: Take people from different eras, put them in one house
– A kid finds out her parents never married and so decides to plan their wedding

Of course, I’m also going through a notebook of assorted notes and adding new ideas to the box, and there are definitely more ideas coming in than going out.

I guess it’s good to know I’ll never run out of things to write about. 🙂

May your new year be filled with many new ideas, as well!

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