More Jólasveinar, plus revisions

So apparently the Jólasveinar, or Yule Lads, have been visiting the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft this week. 🙂

And the second round of Bones of Faerie revisions went off today. (Goes for a four mile walk to work off the remaining nervous energy, then crashes.)

– Number of pages with no changes whatsoever (not a comma, not a word): 15 out of 170
– Number of semi-colons allowed to remain in the manuscript: 7

@ M & L — You guys make a cute couple. Just sayin’

@ W & A — You guys are really sweet together, too!

@ M & A — When someone falls, they don’t need anyone to “help them back to the ground.” ‘Cause they’re already there.

@ L — Now that’s better. If you catch someone, so that they don’t fall, then you get to help them to the ground.

@ J — Words cannot trail abruptly off. You may be a minor character, but have some self-respect.

@ I — You bastard.

After careful consideration, however, I’ve decided not to give my characters twitter access after all. 🙂

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