Almost halfway there

But the first half has most of the new stuff, and so is the slowest.

@ M — So why, my seven zillionth pass through this manuscript, am I still relieved you’re okay? It’s not like I don’t know how the story ends.

@ M — Maybe it’s because when I meet characters like you in other books, they always seem to die horrible- if-noble deaths?

@ K & L — What’s with all the grasping of hands? Do real people even do that?

@ L — Also, how many times can one human being sink to their knees? Seriously.

@ A — You make me smile.

@ C — A word of advice. Leave the wisdom to K, ‘k?

@ N — Wow, you sound like you’ve been here all along. Not bad for someone who didn’t exist until last September.

@ B — That was really stupid. Useful, but stupid.

@ Chapter8 — I hate you.

@ K — You tell him, girl!

@ K — You say there’s no magic so terrible it cannot be laid to rest. Because I know your back story, this gives me shivers every time.

@ S — You’re nice. Really nice. Have I ever told you that?

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