Manuscript death march

Right. The revised and revised Bones of Faerie manuscript is printed out. Today is for forcing myself to read the whole thing through, edit it one more time, or die trying.

It’s funny how even as the edits get smaller, the editing process gets more intense. I no longer quite have brain enough left to write my characters full-fledged letters, so I’ve been writing them one-liners instead. Maybe it’s time to start IMing them. Or — do you think anyone will still have Twitter, after the end of the world? 🙂

Dear L — That was a little harsh, wasn’t it?

Dear I — Backstory? You have backstory?

Dear C — That wasn’t very nice.

Dear K — That didn’t work for Yoda, either.

Dear A — You’re a brat, you know that?

Dear A — Also, you’re breaking your father’s heart.

Dear L — No, not you. Your father’s heart deserves to be broken.

Dear I — The creepiest thing about you is that you’re not entirely evil.

Dear T — Speaking of creepy, the creepiest possible pairing in this entire book is entirely canonical. What were you thinking?

Dear K — Some day, I’d really like to know what you did to that river.

Dear Me — You can’t say something is “like water beneath the sun” when it is exactly, literally water beneath the sun. Because simile doesn’t work that way.

Dear W — I’m so, so sorry. In earlier drafts I worked really hard to keep you alive.

Dear M — In that scene? You kinda rock.

Dear I — That was your last, best chance at redemption, you know.

Dear I — And now you are out of this saga.

Dear W — Really. I tried.

Dear Manuscript — What, are you still here?

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