Gray desert morning

It’s a gray-white, still, icy-damp, almost-foggy sort of morning. Glorious running weather, especially when one adds the softer-than-usual-dirt from last night’s rains for running on alongside the wash.

Pretty magical, that. We don’t get weather like this often, and we get true fog less, maybe twice a year if we’re lucky.

Meanwhile, reykjavikharbor has a lovely description today of Iceland’s short dim winter days. Part of me wishes I was there, too, soaking in the feel of the other side of the endless summer nights we enjoyed not so long ago.

Random thought of the day–Janet Lin, talking to her best friend over coffee, some years into her marriage: “Yeah, sure, Tam told me he was an earthly knight, and fool that I was I believed him, right up until the day the baby was born …”

I need to think about that one a bit.

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