Friday linkyness

Still working on revisions, round two, which means you all have more interesting things to say that I do:

Via papersky, perkinwarbeck2 explains why Mill on the Floss would be improved by an alien invasion.

From beth-bernobich, In the beginning, story version.

Via kristine_smith, kaigou on writing realistic street smart characters. (This one noted so I can go back to it and do more than skim myself.)

Every so often, when lnhammer wants to remind me he loves me, he sends me links like this one. Truly, our love is a glorious thing.

Also via lnhammer, an(other) article about effort mattering more than innate talent, and the disservice we do kids by teaching them they have–or don’t have–natural gifts instead of teaching them they know how to learn things.

From icelandeyes, this picture of an Icelandic palm tree made me smile.

ETA: And papersky has just posted the relentlessly cheerful Ragnarok Song. With things like this on livejournal, is it any wonder I’m spending too much time online today?

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