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Does anyone know whether a basic small emergency power generator can be run off of fuels that can be produced by low-tech methods when gasoline is no longer available? I’m thinking some sort if fermented grain alcohol is most likely to be available, but I could use other fuel sources, too, if they’d work. (Where by “I,” I mean one of my characters, of course. :-)) I’m assuming we’d have to stick to liquids, since that’s what generators are made for.

I’m looking for enough power to, say, run a few lightbulbs from time to time and such, not to power a full contemporary home. My alternative is to claim the character in question managed to “scrounge a few old solar panels,” but I’m not quite believing that, and I think it would maybe draw more attention to the scene in question than I want.

Many thanks if anyone has any knowledge–or else good reference books–they can share here!

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