Thanks all for the good thoughts about Tia-cat yesterday. They made us smile and were a comfort.

susanwrites on feeling safe enough to write the truth.

“You can write as powerfully as you talk. If you are safe enough.”

Via davidlubar, cute-n-cranky on envy and jealousy among writers.

Luck or chance or the gentle rain of blessings from God — something beyond our control does play a part in the publishing game, just as it does in life. … We aren’t standing in a nice neat que where we just wait patiently for our turn, and we need to get rid of that mentality because that’s part of what makes us crazy when it feels like someone “cut” in line.

stephanieburgis on what makes Indiana Jones a great hero.

Indiana Jones makes mistakes – not generically stupid mistakes (which are bad and make us worry about the intelligence of a hero) but mistakes that ring beautifully true to his character.

fjm linked to this article on a columnist’s failed attempt to give up gossip. Which made me indignant in many ways (the columnist seems pretty determined to believe the entire world is as shallow as her particular corner of it), but the part that truly offended me came toward the end:

A life without gossip is an admirable quest but one that is probably as unlikely as pledging to live a life without telling lies.

Speaking as someone who’s been making a conscious effort these past few years to be as truthful as possible in my speech and actions, because the words we speak matter … I find the casual dismissal of doing so as an impossibility pretty troubling.

Via literaticat, Meg Cabot interprets Little Women:

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