A while ago, in my post about sabbatical years, I shared the Balance Card reading I received from haikujaguar, which I asked for as I was pondering various career-planning issues:

How appropriate, that crushed under the weight of several other cards that landed on it, the Wanderjahr was struggling to escape: the journey, the mad wild wonder of it for its own sake. The not knowing where you’re going until you end up there, and then the driving desire to get up and go again, to find where the road leads.

In the end, we’re not really planning any of this at all, are we?

I came back from World Fantasy to find the painting I’d ordered of my reading waiting for me:

Balance Card: The Wanderjahr
Balance Card: The Wanderjahr

I’m rather fond of it, and have found it a good card to reflect on, too.

An interesting thing happened with this card: right after I asked for it, I had the thought that I really wanted sometime to tell haikujaguar to draw a card for herself, rather than asking for one for me … and even though I didn’t voice the thought aloud, we wound up with a card that in various ways spoke to us both. Which is why, unlike most of her cards, this one has two figures in it. 🙂

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