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pbray on how to revise your novel. Clearly, my mistake has been leaving out the chocolate. (But I had a huge brownie at my favorite coffee shop today to celebrate finishing that 5K, so I expect things to pick up now.)

Susan Beth Pfeffer on writing Life As We Knew It on spec: “When I wrote LAWKI, I hardly told anyone, not even my mother, that I was writing it. I was doing it completely on spec, and I had no idea if I’d even finish the book, so I kept it to myself. Eventually I sent it off to my agent and she sold the book to Harcourt. Only then did I let people know I’d written another book.”

Agent Marcia Wernick (as quoted by dotificus): “There’s no avoiding moments of doubt: when you doubt your writing, yourself, everything. But don’t get emotional, just get on with it.”

Kathleen Duey on being named a National Book Award finalist: “And if I had had ANY idea this might happen, I would never have written about my septic tank on this blog a few days ago.”

Remember that. Anything you post could be the thing the entire world sees when fame and fortune descend without warning. 🙂

More seriously, though, I was thrilled to see kathleenduey‘s young adult fantasy on the list of finalists. Congratulations to her and to all of the nominees!

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