That was fun :-)

Ran today in my very first 5K race. It was a cool morning, which made for a pleasant downtown run past the brightly painted old houses of Tucson’s barrio. The running pack quickly spread out, and I kept comfortably to my position near the back and to the pace I’d spent the past three months building up to. My goals were simple: to finish the race; and to run the entire distance, however slowly.

I did both these things, and so count the race a success. 🙂 I came in somewhere around 40 minutes, 30 seconds (I’m still waiting for the official results to be posted), and hung around a while to cheer on the folks finishing after me–and also to see the first of the runners in the 10 mile race taking place at the same time make their finishes.

That was fun. I could totally do it again. 🙂 (And am thinking about it.)

Pictures via lnhammer behind the cut.

ETA: The official race results, which put me at exactly 40:30. 🙂

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