So, I’ve been teaching myself to run–partly because my current protagonist is a runner and I want to understand her better; partly because I’ve gotten bored with step aerobics and spinning–my main workouts the past two years–and need something new. After a few weeks of just kind of making it up as I go along (run for a few seconds, walk for a few seconds, increase as my legs and lungs are willing), I’m now in week three of this training program.

It’s fascinating, actually. Running is, not surprisingly, more work than it seems. (Those people you see sometimes who are jogging really slowly, looking like they’re hardly working at all? I have new respect for just how hard they are working.) But every so often things click for a few moments, and for those moments, it feels really, really good.

My goal, I’ve decided, is to finish this race. No, not the 10 mile version; the 5K version. Because 5K seems a doable goal.

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