More Gísli

(But first–watching this trailer does a nice job of washing away the bad taste from this one.)

One more bit from Gísli’s Saga:

Eyjólfur, the leader of Gísli’s killers, heads off to report the slaying to Börk once the act is done (Börk pretty much paid/bribed Eyjólfur to slay the outlaw). Þórdís is Gísli’s sister; Gísli was outlawed in the first place for killing Þórdís’ first husband, Þorgrímur. Þórdís has since remarried Börk, who is Þorgrímur’s brother.

Eyjolf goes away to the south with eleven men to visit Bork the Stout, and he told him his news, and how it all happened. This put Bork in high spirits, and he tells Thordis to give Eyjolf a good welcome.

“And remember how much you loved my brother Thorgrim, and do well for Eyjolf.”

“I must grieve for Gisli my brother,” says Thordis; “and is it not enough for Gisli’s killer if a pot of porridge is put before him?”

And in the evening, when she brought the food in, she lets fall the tray of spoons. Eyjolf had put between the bench and his legs the sword which had been Gisli’s. Thordis recognizes the sword, and when she bends down to pick up the spoons she takes it by the hilt and thrusts it at Eyjolf, meaning to strike him in the middle. She did not heed the turn-up oif the guard, which caught against the table; the blade went in lower than she intended, and cut into his thigh and made a bad wound. Bork seizes Thordis and twists the sword from her hand.

They all spring up and turn over the tables and the food. Bork asked Eyjolf to make a self-judgment for this, and he demanded full wergild, and says he would have demanded more of Bork had not behaved so well.

Thordis names witnesses and declares herself divorced from Bork, and says she will not come again to the same bed with him; and she kept her word …

Eyjolf rides home, not at all pleased with the way his visit has turned out.

Yeah. I just bet he isn’t.

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