Monsoon season snapshots

Morning: huge puffy white clouds with gray thunderheads on their undersides, piled high over the mountains, against a backdrop of blue sky. Thick, sticky air against my skin as I walk. It’d be nice if the humidity would break, but then again, those clouds are awfully cool to watch, too, and they wouldn’t be here without that humidity.

Late afternoon: A socked in gray sky, and then woosh, all at once pounding rain, blowing sideways, cooling the air, making me grin as I wait, sheltered, for it to break. When the rain slows to something merely steady and hard, I drive home, navigating a maze of flooded and unflooded streets, watching white threads lightning spider across the gray sky.

Evening: A white-yellow sun dips down beneath banks of gray cloud, shining bright enough to hurt the eyes, turning the world all around a bright, bright shade of yellow-green that reflects off the trees and makes the air seem to glow. In the distance, a slowly brightening full rainbow, arcing through light and dark clouds.

Still evening, just a few minutes later: The last colors slowly leaching from the day, birds trilling across the yard, and an eerie cold yellow light all that remains at the horizon, almost as if the storm and wind and sunset have all burned down.

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