July/”Beyond the Flames”

July’s story is “Beyond the Flames.”

Brent barely heard. He just whirled around and ran, through the house and out the front door. John and Nora called after him, but he didn’t dare turn around to answer. He needed to outrun the flames. He needed to outrun the dream that wasn’t over yet. Some mornings were like that, with fire and dream both holding on long after he woke. There was nothing he could do but run.

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of seeing the future, so I was delighted when desayunoencama asked me to write a short story for an anthology about fortune tellers–and I already had a character in mind who I wanted to write about.

This story is rated PG-13, and may not be appropriate for younger readers.

I’ve also finally updated the appearances page on my web site. (I’ll be in St. Louis, upstate New York, and–no surprise–Tucson. :-))

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