Two truly spoilery things about Princess Tutu

So now of course I’m thinking about Princess Tutu again, and about some of the things I loved about its ending.

The first is that, you know, when you give someone their soul back, that doesn’t mean they’re going to love you. It just means they’re going to understand who and what they love. And that’s not a cause for grief, but as it should be.

The second is that, at the end of the story, Duck is a duck again. But now she’s a duck who can dance, and that makes all the difference in the world. And that’s what story does; we’re still our own selves when we emerge from it, but we’re are own selves changed a little, maybe even improved a little. And that matters; it’s part of why we need stories so deeply.

As a side note, thinking about Princess Tutu and Njál’s Saga at the same time can make one’s head hurt. I have this image of Tutu, in full ballerina costume, walking up to Hallgerd–or Skarphedin–extending a hand, and saying, “Dance with me.”

All I know is, the resulting lawsuits–brought forth at the next year’s Alþing, no doubt–would certainly be interesting. 🙂

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