More saga neepery

It happened one day that Hoskuld invited his friends to a feast, and his brother Hrut was there and occupied the seat beside him. Hoskuld had a daughter named Hallgerd who was playing on the floor with some other girls. She was beautiful and tall; her hair shone like silk and was so long that it came down to her waist. Hoskuld called to her: “Come here, my daughter!”

She came to him immediately and he chucked her under the chin and kissed her. After that she went away again. Then Hoskuld remarked to Hrut: “What do you think of this girl? Don’t you think she’d beautiful?”

At first Hrut remained silent. When Hoskuld repeated the question Hrut answered: “Beautiful this maiden certainly is, and many are likely to suffer for it; but I don’t know whence thief’s eyes have come into our kin!”

Hoskuld became angry at this remark, and for some time after this the relations between the brothers were strained.

Not to mention relations between Hallgerd and her uncle.

So, what do you think it means to have the eyes of a thief?

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